Texas Slot-T Tempo Offense


Texas Slot-T Tempo Offense

Why the Slot-T?

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    Now that the spread offense has taken hold as the offense of choice for most programs today, the Slot-T has become a unique offense that is difficult to counter this trend as defenses are designed to combat wide formations and passing sets and not a downhill run attack! Alan Haire’s Slot-T offense is the perfect answer for coaches who lack the personnel needed to run the up-tempo spread offense, and will present numerous challenges to more modern defenses. This approach will allow you the unique ability to have your opponent scrambling to prepare every week!

    Learn how to run the football versus any defense despite potential differences in talent. See how players line up in four-point stances and use angle blocking to maximize “get off” on the snap to defeat larger, more talented teams. The team-oriented schematic structure emphasizes team football as opposed to one or two players being asked to make all of the plays.

    It’s an old-school style of football with an emphasis on running the football with a physical mindset.
    It’s difficult to prepare for since very few teams run this style of offense.
    “Four second football” approach that will have your opponent on their heels all game.

    Formations and Terminology

    The video are the basic formation, line splits, and attributes Coach Haire would like to see in each position on offense. The offense uses a strong side and a quick side. The offensive line utilizes the rare tactic of flipping the offensive line, which allows for simplicity in blocking rules as one scheme can be used for two plays. Simple formations and motions add flexibility to the offense.

    Simple formations such as “A Right”/ “A Left”
    Simple motion terms
    Triple digit play terminology simplifies the learning
    Base offensive series and how the plays fit together

    Killer Tempo

    The use of the “Sugar” huddle is the great equalizer for the Slot-T. Coach Haire will demonstrate how to use the huddle as a weapon to tire your opponents out, while running a multiple tempos to attack the defense (Whistle, Jet & Auto). Further the video will detail how to install and practice at this pace while still teaching and developing your players effectively.