Coach: Alan Haire

Texas Slot-T Game Planning



Texas Slot-T Game Planning


Texas Slot-T Game Planning

Coach Haire begins his talk with how he divides his staff in game preparation:

1. Divison the staff for game preparation

2. Tendencies to watch

3. Personnel Tendencies

4. Key questions to ask when putting together a weekly play sheet

5. Building the Scout A-B-C defensive looks to prep your offense

Weekly Build

Coach Haire outlines each day and how it works in building a winning game plan

Monday through Wednesday - Working your install and review

Thursday Game Prep & Review-how to have your team prepared to win!

Friday (Game Day) - What are the essentials you need to cover before the game begins to have your team mentally ready

Saturday (Game Review) - How to use your Coaches to assess game grading - What are you doing with your players: weights/film/treament - How to begin the next week's prep with your players and staff

Other Key Ideas Covered:

1. What are the KEY things you must do to win the kicking game?

2. How to ensure your CORE plays are able to be successful on game day NO MATTER WHAT your opponent runs against you

3. How to put together a Game Sheet to cover ALL situations

Finding success on game day is NOT an accident-Great coaches understand the only thing they have in common with their opponent is TIME-

Coach Haire walks you through how to maximize your time to win on FRIDAY!

1. Who is Coach Alan Haire
2. Video Breakdown
3. Eagle Game Plan Worksheet & Things to Consider
4. Weekly Work Schedule - Monday
5. Weekly Work Schedule - Tuesday & Wednesday
6. Weekly Work Schedule - Thursday & Friday
7. Weekly Work Schedule - Saturday
8. Grade Sheet
9. Weekly Work Schedule - Saturday (Continuation)
10. Blocking Schemes of the Week
11. Weekly Work Schedule - Sunday
12. General Thoughts
13. Game Plan Sheet
14. Q&A - How do your fund teams manage your quick huddle?
15. Q&A - What are you guys in the box looking for during games?

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