Course 1: Overview Formations Tempo Personnel


53-17 League Record
91-44 record with one of the toughest strength of schedules annually in the Pacific Northwest
Coach Mathieson coaches in the challenging Greater Saint Helens League in Washington State.

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    The GSHL annually produces some of the top programs in the State of Washington.
    In order to compete with many of the elite programs locally and in the state, Mathieson had to devise an offensive system that could combat an increasingly challenging schedule.
    His program has had only 2 Division I football players in 12 years, but his competition can average three or more D-1 players PER SEASON!!!

    What happens when you create a system that is rooted in time tested West Coast Passing concepts, while combining modern Spread / RPO principles and traditional Wing-T Gap blocking patterns?

    Multiple Formation, Gap Blocking, Quick Passing, PAP / Screen team that uses multiple Tempos

    Under Center & Shotgun
    Tight End & No Tight End
    2×2, 3×1, and Empty Sets
    Lots of MOTIONS & SHIFTS

    7 Different TEMPOS

    PRE & POST Snap reads built into every play