Structure of an Offense – Scott Dieterich

Coach: Scott Dieterich

Structure of an Offense – Scott Dieterich


Clinic Triple Option Clinic
Coach Scott Dieterich

What are the Core Plays of the Flexbone?

Do You have Play TAGS?
Do you run RPOs?

5-Time state champion Scott Dieterich does in his “FRIENDLY FLEX” offense


11 as 1
FATE Offensive Grading System
Install Progression


1. Introduction
2. High School - Friendly Flex
3. Why the Flex Bone today?
4. Flex Bone Myths and Disputes
5. Structure - How are we Built Offensive Goal and Mission3:52
6. OB Video Quiz Verbal and Time
7. Defenses Fronts Perimeters and Counting
8. Core Plays Big 5+2
9. Too Much or Not Enough "O"?
10. Start with Mid Triple
11. Mid Triple Check vs 2
12. Mid Double
13. Midline vs Special Defenses
14. Game Film: VS a 4 - 3 Defense
15. Slice vs 50 Front
16. Game Film Chevy Call vs 33
17. Game Film: Tackle Redirect Block
18. Game Film: ISO GAME
19. Game Film: Counter Plays
20. Screens & Draws
21. Short Yardage
22. Game Film: Why we use signals?
23. Game Film: 2 Minutes Situation
24. Game Film: Red Zone Situations
25. Game Film: Sprint out on Tempo
26. What We Learned

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