Coach: Scott Meadows

Sprint Out Passing Game


Sprint out passing game

1. Introduction
2. Pass Protection
3. Smash Route
4. QB Read on Smash Routes
5. Route Landmarks for WR on Smash
6. GAME FILM Smash
7. GAME FILMSmash on Goal Line
8. GAME FILM: 2-Back Smash
9. GAME FILM: 2-Back Smash COP
10. GAME FILM Sluggo
11. GAME FILM Sluggo Switch
12. Stick Concept
13. GAME FILM: Stick Concept
14. GAMEFILM Stick to the Motion Man
15. Curl Flat Concept
16. GAME FILM Curl Flat
17. GAME FILM 2-Back Curl Flat
18. GAME FILM: Curl Flat with Motion.
19. Curl Flat on Opposite Side
20. Curl wheel
21 GAME FILM Curl Flat with Motion
22 Conclusion

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