Coach: Eric Marty

Sprint Out Pass & Protections


Coach: Eric Marty

Coach Marty will take you through the sprint out concepts and most importantly, the sprint out protections the Reedley Tigers have used so efficiently at the junior college level.

Whether it’s a critical third down or you need a high percentage early down completion to jump start a drive, sprint out is a tremendous weapon. It takes pressure off the offensive line, moves the launch point, and gets the quarterback out in space and time. Coach Marty will walk you through his favorite sprint out concepts. Additionally he will teach the rules and techniques for their sprint out protection – and if you aren’t blocking your sprint out like this, you are missing out. This chapter will make you a more efficient passing offense and significantly improve your third down percentages!
1 Overview of Sprint Philosophy
2 Sprint Out Concept #1 - Snag
3 Sprint Out Concept #2: Wheel Comeback
4 Sprint Out Concept #3 - Wheel off the Motion
5 Sprint Out Concept #4 - TE Corner pass protection
6 Sprint Game Pass Protection
7 Sprint Out Pass Protection vs Even Front - Game Film
8 H Motion Snag concept - Game film
9 GAME FILM H Motion Snag
10 GAME FILM H-Slide Snag
11 GAME FILM H-Motion Snag from Trips Closed
12 Motion into 3x1 - Game Film
13 GAME FILM Wheel Comeback
14 GAME FILM Wheel Comeback out of Empty
15 Game Film Wheel Dig 2-WR side
16 Game Film TE-Wing Backside
17 Game Film 2x2
18 Game Film Wagon using Fly motion
19 GAME FILM TE Post vs Cover 0
20 GAME FILM TE Post vs Press Man
21 GAME FILM TE Corner vs Man
22 Sprint Out Pass & Protections Closing

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