Coach: Jeremy Christiansen

Spread Power Run Game for 8-Man Football


Clinic : PoweredUp Clinics
Coach/School : Fremont Mills HS, Iowa

Spread Offensive Scheme for a Power Run Game

Spread Offensive Scheme for a Power Run Game

15th year as coach at Fremont Mills
2018 State Semi-finalist
2011 State Champion
6 Dome Appearances in the last 9 years

1. Who Is Fremont Hills
2. What This Course Is About
3. Offensive Philosophy
4. Formations
5. Make Defense Be Right Every Play
6. Power
7. Counter
8. Counter with Center Pulling
9. Using Formations to Gain An Advantage
10. Hawk Pass Play
11. QB Runs Reading Unblocked Defenders
12. Dive Option
13. Using Motion to Gain Advantage
14. GAME FILM of Displaced Defenders
15. How to Add RPO and PIN & PULL to 8-man

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