Coach: Alan Haire

Texas Slot-T Practice Planning


Practice Structure Coach Haire goes into specific detail on the FOUR core components of his practice structure: 1. I.C.B.T. (Isometics, Calistenics, Blocking & Tackling) 2. Athletic Period (Sled & Cage) 3. Pre Practice 4. Practice- Sweep-Trap-TEAM Coach Haire empathizes the skills of blocking within the SLOT-T 4-point Stance Shot Block Angle Block Scramle Block Key Components of Blocking Weekly Breakdown Coach Haire goes through and explains each period of his practice detailing what goes into each day of the week. Coach Haire breaks down a week from Monday through Game day- How to structure each day to maximize reps and to ensure your core plays are ready to be executed at a high level. Coach Haire illustrates step-by-step how the Slot-T offense is a great equalizer that will allow you to win games when you are clearly outmatched. With easy-to-learn formations and terminology, a team-oriented schematic structure, and detailed personnel and practice format breakdowns, Coach Haire provides all the tools needed to install this effective offense. Everything is structured to build around your core plays: TRAP-SWEEP-POWER The Hidden Gem of this series is how Coach Haire explains how he utilizes his coaches and structures his scripts to ensure that player development is achieved in every phase of his practice session. No matter what offense you run - there is something EVERY coach can take away from this lecture.

1. Who is Coach Alan Haire
2. Practice Planning
3. I.C.B. & T
4. 4-Point Stance
5. Shot
6. Angle Block
7. Scramble Block
8. Components of Blocking
9. Athletic Period
10. Mondays
11. Mondays (Continuation)
12. Tuesday & Wednesday
13. Thursdays
14. Thursdays - Play the game
15. Fridays - Game Day
16. Sweep Drill
17. Questions & Answers
18. Keys to Success
19. Full Team
20. Trap Drill

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