Coach: Marce Porcello

Sat to Friday Game Planning


Coach Krause will go over how he game plans for an upcoming opponent. Coach will go through what he does on the weekend, throughout the week and how he and his staff call a game on Friday night. Muskego has averaged over 35 points per game the past 11 years while winning the past 3 State Championships in Wisconsin.

Three Straight State Champions 2018-2020. Currently have a 37 Game winning streak. 7th longest in nation for 11 man football. Finished 2018 season ranked 23rd in nation by USA today. Past three years finished season ranked in top ten in the Midwest.

1. Introduction
2. Plays Importance in Winning
3. General Thoughts Wing-T
4. Importance of Communication
5. Saturday through Friday Successful Game Planning
6. Saturday Prep Starts with Self Evaluation
7. Saturday Prep Opponent Film & Roster
8. Saturday Prep LB, DE, DL
9. Saturday Prep Secondary
10. Saturday Prep How They Defend Other Wing T teams
11. Sunday Prep Draw Plays vs Suspected Looks
12. Scout & Call Your Mentor
13. Type Up O Script
14. Film Practice
15. Monday Film Chalk and Team
16. Monday Film
17. Call A Game on Friday Night
18. O-Line Coach on Friday Nights
19. Sideline Between Series
20. No Hudl Sideline _ Halftime
21. Game Thoughts
22. Are We Two-Platoon

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