Coach: Michael Fields

Running the Spread WingT – Michael Fields


1. Introduction
2. Background of our Highschool Program
3. Blue Pro & Pro
4. Blue Con
5. Guard G vs 4 3 Stack
6. Game Film: Blue Pro
7. Game Film: Blue Con
8. Game Film: Guard G (Buck Sweep)
9. Guard G vs 3 3 Stack
10. Game Film: Guard G vs 3 3 Stack
11. Blue Pro Trap
12. Game Film: Blue Pro Trap
13. Blue Pro Blast Jet
14. Pro Blast
15. Blue Pro Boot
16. Blue Pro Turn
17. Blue Pro Hide
18. Blue Pro Smash
19. Blue Pro Fire Screen Left
20. Yellow Pro
21. Yellow Pro Shack & Yellow Pro Guard G Peek
22. Game Film: Blue Pro Fire Screen Left
23. Game Film: Quick Guard G
24. Q&A Running Back footwork on buck
25. Q&A Split Distance in gun
26. What grade level getting caught on backside youth football?
27. On buck sweep do you have an adjustment for a stud D-end?
28. Q&A How much gun do you run in a varsity level?

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