Coach: Tommy Gilleran

Running Power in the Wing-T


Smash Mouth Football from a state champion

1. Introduction
2. Why do we run the Power?
3. Lake Hamilton Offense 2020
4. Vs Even Front Part 1
5. Vs Even Front Part 2
6. Vs Odd Front
7. Game Film: 2 Tight End Set with Power
8. Game Film: Line up in weak and Shift into Strong
9. Game Film: Against a Different Odd Front
10. Game Film: Against an Even Front Part 1
11. Game Film: Against An Even Front Part 2
12. Game Film: Opponent Trying to Stop your Bucksweep
13. Unbalanced Set Part 1
14. Game Film: Unbalanced Set Part 2
15. Game Film: Unbalanced Set Part 3
16. Game Film: Unbalanced Set Part 4
17. Q & A: Do you ever have the guard block out and let the wing fold on an 8?
18. Game Film:How do you block a 5-3 w/ both defense of tackles in 3-Technique
19. Game Film: Wing-T Set with a Split Right
20. Game Film: Weak Side Belly Play
21. Conclusion

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