Coach: Scott Meadows

RPOs Off Buck, Trap, & Truck


Running RPOs off Buck Sweep, Guard Trap, & Truck

Running RPOs off Buck Sweep, Guard Trap, & Truck

1. Introduction
2. Buck Sweep Blocking Rules
3. Buck blocking Rules with Tight End
4. Buck Block Rules without TE
5. Buck Blocking Rules vs Under Front
6. Formations to Run Buck Bubble RPO
7. Flexed TE and Empty Sets
8. Using Motion Man to Block Defensive End
9. GAME FILM Motion Man cracking D-End
10. GAME FILM Motion crack DE from Quads
11. GAME FILM crack DE from 2x2
12. GAME FILM Great Block by Small Wing on DE
13. GAME FILM Wing Flipping Hips
14. GAME FILM Buck RPO vs Press Man
15. GAME FILM Staying on Your tracks
16. GAME FILM Buck vs Squeezing D-End
17. GAME FILM Short Kick on DE
18. GAME FILM Buck out of 2x2
19. GAME FILM Buck on Goal Line
20. GAME FILM Buck in Pistol
21. GAME FILM Buck from Quads Pistol
22. GAME FILM Buck without a Wing
23. Game Film Buck Sweep RPO out of Trips
24. GAME FILM QB keep on steal call
25. Guard Trap
26. Guard Trap Blocking vs Even
27. Fullback steps on Trap
28. Trap Blocking Rules
29. GAME FILM Set up Trap with Jet Motion
30. GAME FILM trap off jet motion
31. GAME FILM Trap without motion
32. GAME FILM Jet Trap vs 5-2 Defense
33. GAME FILM Pistol Trap vs 5 in the box
34. GAME FILM Pistol Trap motion to Quads
35. GAME FILM Trap with influence pull
36. Same Side Trap
37. Same Side Blocking Rules
38. GAME FILM Same Side Trap vs Slanting
39. Trap vs shaded odd front
40. GAME FILM same side trap with jet motion
41. Truck
42. Truck Blocking Rules
43. Why Buck Sweep is a Big Play
44. BONUS GAME FILM cracking with motion man

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