Coach: Matt McFadden

Rocket Toss


3-Time State Champion Matt McFadden takes you thru his evolution from Buck Sweep to Jet Sweep to the Rocket Toss

McFadden ran the Rocket Toss 129 times during his 2020 State Championship season He shows a ton of gamefilm of why he now runs Rocket Toss from the Gun instead of under center Jet Sweep

1. Who Is Matt McFadden
2. Sweep Progression
3. Be Different
4. Slow Down Defensive Pursuit
5. Introduction to Rocket
6. Why Sweeps
7. Why Jet
8. Jet Blocking Rules
9. GAME FILM Under Center Jet Sweep
10. Why Rocket Instead of Jet
11. Blocking Rules for Rocket Toss
12. Thoughts About Defensive Pursuit
13. Timing for the Snap
14. Count System for Blocking
15. Crack Rules
16. GAME FILM Wing blocks #2
17. GAME FILM When the Defense Cheats on Rocket
18. False Pulling Backside Linemen
19. GAME FILM Pulling with Slow Linemen
20. False Pull Playside Guard
21. GAME FILM: TE Split End Over Unbalanced
22. GAME FILM Stand Up Defensive End
23. GAME FILM Run It in the Boundary
24. GAME FILM Blitz Control
25. GAME FILM vs Wide 30 Front
26. Odd Front with two 4i Tech
27. Best Complimentary Plays off Rocket
28. Lateral Action Opens Up Other Plays
29. Why Run Rocket Toss

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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