Course 12: Red Zone Offense & Runs vs Blitz


Coach: Eric Marty

The goal is to score touchdowns, and when you get inside the Red Zone and Goal Line, with the condensed space, and extra defenders near the line of scrimmage often it takes a little more creativity to get the ball those final few yards into the end zone.

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    Coach Marty will walk you through how defenses typically morph in the Red Zone and Goal Line and how Reedley attacks defenses in these situations with multiple Tight Ends, Motion, and of course Play Action!

    When it comes to getting into the endzone no one has done it better than the Tigers the past two years, they finished 2nd in the state this year in Touchdowns with 67 in 11 games, and 5th in 2018 with 63 in 11 games.

    In order for your offense to be truly great, you need to have an answer for everything a defense may throw at you.

    Furthermore in order for you kids to trust and buy into your system you have to be able to coach them and put them in positions to be successful regardless of how tough the defensive look is – and this is especially true when teaching your lineman how to block teams that want to blitz and move against the run game.

    Because of the success Reedley College has had on offense the past two years, a number of teams have just resorted to Cover – 0 Pressure, and repeatedly bringing pressure in the hope that that will slow down the Reedley Run Game. Spoiler alert it hasn’t.

    In response Coach Marty has developed a concise methodology in scheme and technique to ensure his players are in a position to be successful from a scheme, rule, and technique standpoint even when teams are blitzing and moving. In this chapter he will walk you through how to turn the tide on those pressure defenses, and get your running game off regardless. Your going to love this chapter!