Coach: Mark Speckman

RB Pass Protection & Routes


California and Menlo Hall of Fame 2-time Conference Coach of Year & AFCA Regional Coach of the Year 38-year Career at High School, College, and Canadian League Levels

Running Back Pass Protection & Route Drills

1. Introduction/ Running Backs are Never Coached?
2. Pre-Snap & Initial Reaction
3. Pass Blocking Gaps
4. Pass Blocking Terms
5. Pass Pro Drills
6. Pass Pro Chin Drill
7. More Pass Pro Drills
8. 2 on 1 Reaction C-Gap
9. 2 on 1 Reaction AB-Gap
10. 1 on 1 Live Drills
11. Game Film: Outside Blitz
12. Game Film: Slide Protect
13. Game Film: Chip Block
14. Leverage Drills
15. Choice Routes
16. Seam Route
17. Practice Film: Flat Routes
18. Game Film: Flat Routes
19. Middle Read Route
20. Game Film: Middle Read
21 Rail Route
22 Wrapping Up

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