Coach: Tony Demeo

Quick Game with Boot Action Compliment - Tony Demeo


Clinic Triple Option Clinic
Coach Tony De Meo

The Triple Gun Quick is a pass concept that can be a great addition to any offense.

The Triple Gun Quick is a pass concept that can be a great addition to any offense. What makes it so unique is it has a built-in boot off the initial pass. So if the Quick Pass is covered, The QB has the option of booting away. All the routes convert once the QB boots & the Quick Pass coverts to Sprint Out perimeter pass. We will cover the protection, the routes & conversions & the QB reads

1. Introduction
2. Why the Quick Game?
3. Strategic Flexibility and Pass Principles
4. QB Checklist
5. Coaching the QB Mentality
6. What is Open?
7. Coaching Points
8. Protect vs 43
9. Protect vs 44
10. Protect vs 34 and 33
11. Protection vs 62 and 65
12. The Hitch with Game Film
13. Routes
14. QB Play Hitch vs 4 Shell
15. Hitch vs 3 Shell
16. Opening Up the Hitch and Motion Hitch
17. Jet 3x1 and Wide Hitches
18. Isolate Hitch
19. Attacking a 3 Shell
20. Hitch/Seam With Game Film
21. Game Film: Hitch vs 43 and Bear.
22. Game Film: Hitch
23. Wide Jack and Empty Hitch/Seam
24. Empty Hitch Seam
25. Game Film: Motion Hitch and Motion Fade
26. Variety is Endless
27. Bootside Routes and QB Reads
28. Fade vs 3 Shell
29. Empty Fade/Stick and Fade
30. Game Film: Fade/Seam vs Press M/F
31. Game Film: Fade/Seam vs M/Free
32. Slice/Corner Combo
33. QB Reads
34. Slice vs 4 and 3 Shell
35. Empty Slice and Compressed Boot with Slice/Corner Game Film
36. What Coach wants to Remind you
37. Putting in the Reps
38. Controlling the Ball Throughout the Game
39. Conclusion

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