Coach: Jason Mcmanus

QB Drills for Spread Offense


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Tired of seeing drills off a Powerpoint? Isn’t it hard to visualize the steps and arm movements?

How does the drill translate to the actual game?


Coach Jason McManus has the answer for you!

This entire 48 minute film is nothing but practice and game video of QBs at 4-time state champ South Point high school in South Carolina. No theoretical whiteboard stuff. McManus takes you straight to the field so you can see him teaching and correcting his QBs in practice! These QBs led the offense to over 700 points and ,6,700 yards in one season! PRACTICE VIDEO: --> Proper Stance out of shotgun and the MacAttack NOOSE drill to teach how to handle bad snaps. --> Mass teaching drill so every QB learns how to call cadence and tempos at the LOS --> Proper Footwork out of the Gun on Fast Screen, Bubble, RPO. Very simple QB footwork for TUNNEL SCREEN up the middle --> Quik Game Rocker step followed by the 3-step & Hitch drop in the deep passing game. MacAttack ""Drops on a Line"" drill. --> Avoid Pressure drills: Point & Slide Technique out of 3-step drop to avoid pressure; Handling edge pressure. --> Sprint Out Pocket Movement: Using cones to teach QB how to avoid the rush. Includes adjust Boot legs versus different Ends pass rush GAME FILM: Coach McManus takes you through the QB reads for: Stick/Bubble; Hitch into the Bounday; Slant/Corner with FB Scat route out of backfield; 4 Verts DOWNLOADS: 27-slide QB Training Lessons that McManus uses in the classroom to train his QBs 22-slide Drawing of 21 drills to train the QB in the Spread Offense."

1. Explanation of WHY and WHEN the MacAttack QB Drills are taught
2. Stance, Snap, and Noose Drill
3. QB-Center Exchange with Footwork to the Left
4. QB-Center Exchange Footwork to the Right
5. Footwork on Quick (Now) and Bubble Screens
6. Footwork for Bubble Screen to the Right
7. Group Drill with Receivers: Bubble Screen Right
8. Footwork for Bubble and Quick Screen to the Left
9. Footwork Drill for Missile (Tunnel) Screen
10. Footwork for 60 Series 3-step drop passing game
11. Three and Hitch Drill for 60 Series Short Passing Game
12. Drops on a Line Drill
13. Point and Slide Technique Drill
14. Rush and Avoid Drill
15. Sprint Out Pocket Movement
16. Naked Boots and Pocket Movement Drill
17. Conclusion


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