Coach: Adam Mathieson

Overview / QB Development (Part I: Throwing Mechanics)


We all know that it’s nearly impossible to win at a high level WITHOUT a productive quarterback, so if you are struggling in the process of finding and developing a passer to lead your offense, it’s time for a change. And you’re in the right place!

It's not every day that you get to learn from a coach of pedigree and experience like Adam Mathieson, so if the opportunity presents itself, why not grasp it?

In these videos, he takes you through drills, footwork, body movements, which pro passers to pay attention to, etc. because he wants to give your QB all the essential fundamentals for a strong foundation to build off!

1. Who is Coach Adam Mathieson
2. QB Coaching History
3. Philosophy
4. Essential Components
5. Formations to dictate space
6. Gun & Under Center Sets
7. Formation Examples
8. Explaining the Offense
9. Pass Game
10. Traits to Evaluate in a Quarterback
11. Throwing Mechanics - Stance
12. Throwing Mechanics - Ball Grip
13. Throwing Mechanics - Perfect Start
14. Throwing Mechanics - Delivery and Separation
15. Throwing Mechanics - Perfect Stop Position
16. Delivery and Separation - L and 0 Position
17. Delivery and Separation - Elbow Drive
18. Delivery and Separation - Tricep Extension
19. Delivery and Separation - Finger Follow Through
20. Non-Negotiables
21. Q&A - Building progressions

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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