Coach: Jeff Steinberg

QB Academy: The Year Round Plan


Coach: Jeff Steinberg

In this course Coach Steinberg outlines his Off Season Quarterback Academy and details the qualities of successful quarterbacks.
1. Introduction
2. 12 Month Teaching Progression: Skills
3. 12 Month Teaching Progression: Football IQ
4. 12 Month Teaching Progression: Intangibles and Athletic Ability
5. QB Selection
6. OKG
7. Year Plan Calling January to March
8. Year Plan Calling April to June
9. Year Plan Calling July to December
10. 10 Points of Great Quarterbacking
11. What is QB Academy
12. QB Academy Field and Classroom
13. Classroom Training
14. QB Academy Lesson Plans
15. QB Work Ethic
16. QB Determination
17. QB Knowledge
18. QB Citizenship
19. QB Team Leader
20. QB High Confidence
21. The Ball is the Program
22. Pre Snap Preparation
23. Offense IQ
24. Great Footwork
25. Mistake Proof
26. Classroom Training: Coverage Triangle
27. Using a Go Pro on 7 on 7
28. Using a Go Pro on 11 on 11
29. Technology in Classroom Teaching
30. QNA: What if I don't have great QB like you have in your offense?
31. Why We Don't Run a 4 Wide Receiver Offense
32. Summary of What We Learned

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