Coach: Marce Porcello

Putting Defenders in Conflict in Pistol Wing T


Being in the Pistol allows your QB to read unblocked defenders.

Now you don't have to call a play, see how the defense reacts, then come back to the answer a few plays later.

The QB makes the defense PAY for a wrong decision on that very play

1. Transition to Pistol Wing T
2. Taking Over a Losing Program
3. Why Run Wing-T
4. Transition to Pistol Wing-T
5. Depth of QB & FB
6. Post-Snap Reads
7. Conflict Plays to Discuss
8. Read Concept vs Even
9. Belly vs Even
10. Belly vs Even with 3 -Tech
11. Belly vs Odd
12. BELLY Read
13. Game Film - BELLY
14. Game Film - Belly vs Standup End in 34 Defense
15. Belly vs 4i Tech
16. Game Film - Double 2i Tech
18. Game Film - BOB Call
19. Game Film -BELLY Pass
20. Game Film - Penetrating Defense
21. Power
22. Game Film - 2-back Power vs Even Front
23. Game Film - Power Read QB Keep
24. Game Film - Jet vs 34 Defense
25. Game Film - Jet Read

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