Program Development for Grade 3 to Grade 12


Clinic: Utah Clinic
Coach: Todd Sheldon

Coach Sheldon takes you through his journey of rebuilding at a school with a 1-person booster club, losing record, and no youth program.

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    Every head coach in history of the school had an 0-10 season.

    Youth Program now has 6 teams in 3rd/4th Grade;  6 teams in 5th/6th Grade;  two 7th Grade teams, and two 8th Grade Teams

    His booster club now is broken up into 12 jobs.  These are not titles like “Vice President” that mean nothing.  Every job is delegated.

    Here about Coach Sheldon internal study of CONCUSSIONS in his program and what he did about it.

    Fundraising, Buy Equipment, Youth Coaches Clinic, Parent Meetings

    How Did He Recruit & Train Coaches

    What Did He Do To Improve the Worst Facilities in North Dakota