Coach: Jeff Steinberg

QB Academy: Pre & Post Snap Decisions


Coach: Jeff Steinberg

In this course Coach Steinberg teaches exactly how to determine the Man/Zone scheme a defense is playing by identifying specific things prior to the snap such as locating the safeties and depth, eyes, leverage of specific players. Additionally, he details the 4 different methods they use to read defenses that tie in with various pass concepts offenses use. This course will help your quarterbacks be more efficient and confident in getting the ball out to the proper receiver on time.

1. Introduction
2. Passing Game: Pre - Snap Decision Terms
3. Covered/Uncovered
4. Clean and Dirty
5. Examples Clean and Dirty
6. Access to The Single Receiver
7. Examples to Access
8. Types of Reads
9. Example of Progression Read
10. Key Defender
11. Object Receiver and Solo Flight
12. Game Film: Progression Read
13. Game Film: Key Defender
14. Game Film: Object Receiver
15. Summary of What We Learned

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