Coach: Ken Krause

Practice Planning, Including Incredible RB Fakes


Coach Krause will discuss and show film of in season practice organization.

Coach Krause has been head coach for the past 24 years and he and his staff have won 37 straight games and the past three state championships in Wisconsin, while averaging over 35 points per game the past 11 seasons.

1. Introduction
2. Staff Plays Importance in Winning
3. Effective in Season Wing-T Practice Org
4. General Thoughts Wing-T
5. Practice Plan Thoughts
6. Practice Plan Philosophy
7. Film Practice - Its About Us
8. Film-Chalk, Start Each Practice with This
9. Special Teams - Practice Offense During This Time!!!
10. Special Teams - Can Work on Offense!
11. Practice Film - Monday Pass Skelly pt.1
12. Practice Film - Monday Pass Skelly pt.2
13. Practice Film - Tuesday Block Drill
14. Practice Film - Wednesday
15. Sweep Drills With Center _ Guards pt.1
16. Sweep Drills With Center _ Guards pt.2
17. Sweep Drills With Center _ Guards pt.3
18. Practice Film - Tackle Trap
19. Practice Film - Team Offense pt.1
20. Practice Film - Team Offense pt.2
21. Game Film pt.1
22. Game Film pt.2

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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