Jason Mcmanus

Practice Planning including Editable Practice Plans


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

ALL THE PRACTICE SCHEDULES, THAT YOU DOWNLOAD IN EXCEL are worth the price of this course.

But Wait till you hear what they do on WEDNESDAYS…..”No Sweat Wednesday”

--> Yoga --> Study Hall and Leadership (Urban Mayer and Brian Knight) --> Wisdom Before Weights --> Brothers & Biceps --> Thursday Care Program Bet you never thought that a No Huddle guy, talking about practice would give you these GOLD NUGGETS on team building, leadership, and character. Coach McManus goes in greast detail about how he designes practices and scripts. WIth theses templates, it allows you to stay organized and detailed when planning practice. Find out how 4-time South Carolina STATE CHAMPION built their program on "BCD"

1. PRACTICE Considerations in order to Go FAST
2. Weekly PRACTICE Structure
3. MONDAY Practice
4. TUESDAY Practice
5. WEDNESAY Practice
6. THURSDAY Practice
7. INSTALL Spring
8. INSTALL August Practice #2
9. INSTALL August Practice #3
10. INSTALL August Practice #4
11. INSTALL August Practice #5 and #6
12. INSTALL Remainder of August
13. COACHES Responsibilities in General
14. COACHES Responsibilities on Saturday
15. COACHES Responsibilities on Sunday

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