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Practice Organization


Wings & Things Summit – Practice Organization
Head Coach of Reinhardt University (GA) James Miller

Wings & Things Summit - Practice Organization
Head Coach of Reinhardt University (GA) James Miller

Head Coach of Reinhardt University (GA) James Miller presents how to maximize your coaching resources, staff and time to fully develop your players.

Coach Miller, the reigning Region 1 American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Coach of the Year, is in his fourth year as the head coach of Reinhardt after leading the Eagles to the NAIA national championship game in his first season (2017) and another trip to the NAIA Football Championship Series in 2018.

This is a course that any coach from any system can use and apply with their own program.

Coach Miller walks you through the key ideas in getting organized:

1. Calendar

2. Situations

3. Situations matched with Install Sheets

4. Practice Templates

5. Plan Practice Scripts as a staff

6. Staff Organization with Special Teams/Indy/Team and How to Script all situations

7. Practice Duties to Maximize Time: Music/Clock/Period Changes/Refs/Chains/Field Spots & Directions


Coach Miller explains how to practice all Special Teams Situations BEFORE your 1st game

How to maximize practice time through Competition Periods in: INDY-GROUP-SKEL & TEAM settings

Coach Miller talks about how using a PRACTICE BOARD will revolutionize your practice plans and staff accountablity

Creating a RODEO SCRIPT that will ALWAYS have you prepared going into the season and week to week

This is an action packed course that will give you the tools to further your development of your players and ensure that your sessions cover the necessary concepts while keeping your players and coaches fresh each day of the season!

1. Who is Coach James Miller
2. Organization is the key - Part 1
3. Organization is the key - Part 2
4. Monthly Calendar
5. Offensive & Defensive Situations
6. Special Teams Situations
7. Practice Tempos
8. Indy Competitions
9. Group Competitions
10. Skel Competitions
11. Team Competitions
12. Practice Organization & Situational Templates
13. Practice Organization & Situational Templates (Continuation)
14. Practice Organization Board
15. Finished Practice Template
16. Practice Scenarios in Camp
17. Weekly In-Season Responsibilities
18. Game Week Practice
19. Rodeo Script
20. About Reinhardt University

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