Coach: Russ Martin

Power & Power Read


Coach : Russ Martin (ExpTEOffense)

Coach Chavez break down the blocking scheme for power and power read. In this video he will be discussing the different fronts they go up against and what adjustments they make to multiple defensive fronts.

1 Power Run How We Run Power
2 Power Run Prioritize Your Run Plays
3 Power Run Different Ways to Handle the End
4 Power Run How Power is Different than Zone
5 Power Run Put Power Read in Before Power
6 Power Run Different Ways to Run Power Read
7 Power Run Power Read From Pistol
8 Power Read Without TE
9 Power RUN in Depth Look at Power
10 Power Run Power Read vs Even Front
11 Power Run Handle Blitz on Power Read
12 Power Run Power Read vs Slanting Dline
13 Power Run Why Do Not Run Power Read vs Odd Front
14 Power Run Power Read vs 6-1
15 Power Run Power Read vs Double Eagle
16 Power Run Game Film Power Read

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