Coach: Mark Speckman

Power of Deception. The Great Equalizer


Deception the Great Equalizer

1. What's in this course
2. History Lesson
3. Why Deception is Important
4. RULE #1
5. Pillars of Deception
6. Faking Must Be Taught & Practiced
7. Faking is the Lost Art
8. Slide and Hide
9. PILLAR #2: Motion
10. Across Motions
11. In & Out Motion
12. Cover 3 Defensive Back Rotations
13. Cover 4 DB Rotations
14. Game Film: Greatest Fake in History of Football
15. Game Film: Deception in NFL
16. Game Film: Screen Opposite Motions
17. Game Film: Fake Sweep, Run Inside
18. Game Film: Sweep One Way, Toss the Other
19. Fake News
20. Game Film: Two Point Plays
21. Risk Rewards of Faking
22. Play Action Passing
23. Game Film of Option Plays
24. False Pullers
25. Creativity with Motion
26. Conclusion

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