Coach: Rick Stewart

Power Lead, Read, & Wrap in Air Raid Pistol Wing T


Coach: Rick Stewart , Jason McManus

This video contains Stewart & McManus favorite plays

Ran off the Jet Sweep motion, there is a version where the Fullback lead blocks for the QB in the c-gap (Power Lead).

The 2nd version has the pulling guard wrapping around to be the lead blocker.

Then McManus takes the chalk and really challenges you to think outside the box

1. Introduction
2. Power Read Power Lead Throws
3. Go Seam
4. Y Seam
5. Post Seam
6. Post Wheel
7. Conclusion
8. Introduction
9. Power Read vs 4-1
10. Power Read vs 3-2
11. 11 - Power Read vs 4-2 Trips
12. Power Read vs 4-2 Trips Review
13. Run Action Plays
14. Power Read Pass to the Left
15. Power Read Pass L Seam Vs 4-2
16. Conclusion

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