Course 6: Play-Option-Pass (POP) Plays


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Pop Passes & Run Action Pass off Your Core Run Game in the Spread Off

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    –> PLAY ACTION: No option. The QB is going to fake to the Running back, take a 3-step drop and throw down the field;
    –> RPO: The QB has the option of throwing the ball or handing off to the Running Back based on who he is reading. (2nd Level Defender or 3rd Level Defender)
    –> POP PASS: The QB has the option of throwing the ball or running with the ball behind the back he just faked to. QB will throw the POP to the designated WR or keep the ball and run the designated play call based on how the defender plays the POP.

    Coach McManus’ offense is sooo hard to defend. Just these three plays alone drives the defense crazy. All three are based off run fakes in any of the FIVE CORE run plays: Trap, Zone, Power, Stretch, and Counter. POPS, PLAYACTION PASSES, AND RPO’S allow you to be balanced on offense.
    This is Course 6 of the overall system. Over 45 minutes long, including 38 minutes of game film.