Coach: Tommy Gilleran

Play Action Passing off Jet Motion - Tommy Gilleran


Transitioning from Spread to Double Wing

1. Introduction
2. Why we run the Speed Flood
3. Blocking Scheme to Wide Receiver (White Board)
4. Blocking Scheme to Tight End (White Board)
5. Passing Variations of Speed Flood (White Board)
6. Q&A Do you keep the Tight-End end when you run split inside
7. Practice Tips
8. Game Film Speed Flood to Tight-End
9. Game Film Speed Flood TE_Wing Cross
10. Game Film Speed Flood X_Slot Cross
11. Game Film Speed Flood (Running The Out Route)
12. Game Film Speed Flood to Split-End part1
13. Game Film Speed Flood to Split-End part2
14. Game Film Speed Flood (Running The Out Route)
15. Q&A Did you run pistol
16. Q&A Is it better to run 10 yard out route than a quarter route
17. Q&A Have you ever run the motion Wing Back in the wheel route
18. Q&A Can this work in the Gun
19. Q&A How much time in practice do you spend working on passing game
20. Q&A Do you run any Running Back screen play

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