Pistol WingT Run Game Memorial Day Bundle


Memorial Day Special!

8 courses for only 77 Dollars!!!!

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    Memorial Day Special! 

    What’s included:


    Clinic or Summit Coach Course
    1 Rick Stewart
    Power Read, Power Lead, & Power Wrap in Pistol Wing T
    2 Rick Stewart
    How to Run Midline, Inside Veer and Outside Veer Using one scheme (Midline Veer)
    3 2021 Wings Summit Jason Gorst
    Buck Sweep Formation, Motion, Blocking Variations
    4 2022 Wings Summit David Norris
    Running Buck, Trap, & Waggle from 10 Formations
    5 2022 Wings Summit Nick Gertz
    Buck Sweep RPOs & QB Steal out of Pistol
    6 2021 Wings Summit Marce Porcello
    Unstoppable Guard Trap from Pistol
    7 2022 Wings Summit Denny Molzen
    Belly from both Gun & Pistol
    8 2021 Wings Summit Hancel Phipps
    Belly from Pistol including RPOs

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