Coach: Marce Porcello

Pistol Wing T Counter Game - Marce Porcello


1. Who is Coach Porcello
2. Why Run Wing-T
3. Transition to Pistol Wing-T
4. (Whiteboard) Post-Snap Reads
5. (Whiteboard) Counter from Sidecar
6. Q&A - Do you always pull Tackle vs Guard
7. Key Points of Emphasis
8. Rules for Counter Tackle Wing
9. Game Film - Counter to the Left
10. Game Film - Counter to the Right
11. Q&A - Do you run Bubble Screen
12. Counter Tackle Wing (Queen)
13. Q - Counter to the Right
14. Game Film - Q Counter to the Right
15. Game Film - Q Counter to the Left
16. Counter from Pistol (GT)
17. Rules and Key Points
18. Game Film - Counter GT to the Left
19. Game Film - Counter Guard Tackle to the Right
20. Q&A - Have you always had, the quarterback hand the ball to minimize risk of
21. Q&A - What would lead me to making a Queen call

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