Coach: Kenny Simpson & Rick Stewart

Pistol vs Shotgun Wing T




Kenny Simpson spends 30 minutes explaining WHY he went to the Shotgun Wing T from the spread.

He gives his reasons why he chose NOT to run Pistol after buying all of Stewart's materials

Rick Stewart then comes on and takes you thru his journey from abandoning Under Center after 12 years...and why he chose Pistol instead of Shotgun.

ADDED BONUS: 16-time state champion Alex Rotsko talks about his transition from Under Center to Shotgun and he still runs both during the season

1. Whats in this course
2. Simpson Background
3. How We Arrived to Gun T
4. Benefits of Gun T
5. How to Blend
6. Base Alignment
7. Game Film Buck
8. Game Film QB Reads
9. Game Film Belly
10. Game Film Belly with RPO
11. Game Film Counter
12. Jet & Pass Game Better in Gun
13. A State Champion Transition from Under Center
14. Changes in Backfield Footwork
15. How to contact Stewart
16. What Stewart will Cover
17. There is no best Offense
18. Why Not Under Center
19. Why Not Shotgun
20. Why Pistol
21. Guard Trap
22. Guard Trap Not As Explosive
23. Buck Sweep
24. Game Film Buck Sweep
25. Game Film Guard Trap
26. Belly
27. Tackle Trap
28. Game Film Tackle Trap
29. Game Film Belly
30. Power
31. Counter
32. Passing the Ball
33. Threat of 4 WR and 4 RB
34. Pre Snap Read
35. Going Back Under Center
36. Downsides of going from under center
37. Tradeoffs Under Center vs Pistol
38. Jumping on the Bandwagon

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