Coach: Jeff Steinberg

Spread & Shred: Philosophy and Overview


Coach: Jeff Steinberg

In this course coach Steinberg discusses the philosophy of his no huddle Spread & Shred Offense. He provides an overview of the entire system including personnel, various tempos used and system of communication.

1. Spread and Shred System
2. What's in This Course
3. Influences
4. Evolution
5. Fast and Physical
6. Defend Entire Field
7. Simple Concepts
8. Overview of Entire System
9. Simplicity of Offense
10. Personnel
11. Tempos Part 1
12. Tempos Part 2
13. Nascar
14. Q & A: How Kids Adjust to Referees?
15. Slow Defense With Tempo
16. Sugar Huddle
17. Communication
18. Teaching the Communication System
19. Why This Course is the Most Important

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