Passing Game Out of the Single Wing


120 wins

State Runnerup in 2015

9 out of the last 13 Regional titles

Passing Game Out of the Single Wing!!

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    WHAT??  No way!

    This is NOT your grandfathers Single Wing.  This is NOT the offense that the 4 Horsemen ran at Notre Dame.

    Coach Childs has made it sexy and even tougher to defend.

    120 WINS
    Single Game Passing record of 261 yards

    His Number based Passing Tree allows MULTIPLICITY

    And you can-NOT talk passing game without covering PASS PROTECTIONS

    Coaches like Childs run the Single Wing so they can dominate and punish teams with the run…..AWESOME.

    But that doesn’t leave much time in practice for complicated pass schemes….

    Catch & Throw Quick Game
    Semi Roll to call side
    Sprint Out
    Screen Game

    Coach will draw it up on the board and then back it up with game film:

    Boot to Left Tackle with FB in flats and backside drag & post
    Wheel Stop concept from Twins formation with QB sprinting out
    Bunch concepts
    Middle Screen