Coach: Scott Meadows

Pass Protections for PAP, Quik, & Sprint Pass


This course offers an overview of:

Philosophy in Shotgun Wing-T
Proper Alignment, Tags, and Motions
Play Breakdowns and Analysis
Advantages of Operating out of Shotgun

1. Introduction 
2. Protections Drawn Up
3. Practice Video of Protection Drills
4. Game Film - Play Action Protection
5. Game Film - Cut Blocks Slows Down Pass Rush 
6. Game Film - Quik Game Hard Slide Right.
7. Game Film - RB Have to Block
8. Game Film - DLine are Readers
9. Game Film - Small Linemen
10. Sprint Out Protection
11. Game Film -Sprint Out Linebacker Comes Free
12. Game Film -Double a Good NG
13. Game Film - Good Example of Slide Protection
14. Game Film -Tackles in Sprint Protection
15. Game Film -Sprint Out Pin & Pull
16. Game Film -Sprint Out Center Covered
17. Game Film Adapt to Size of Your Line
18. Game Film Perfect Slide Protection 
19. Called for Cut Blocking in Quik Protection
20. Call Protection in No Huddle

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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