Course 12: Offensive Line Drills


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

All great offenses starts with the offensive line.

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    Coach Jason McManus MACATTACK offense scored 711 points and amassed 6,702 yards (3,639 rush, 3,063 pass) in ONE season. It has a 3-year average of 43.9 points per game playing in South Carolina’s highest classification.

    These numbers are the result of great offensive line play.

    Coach McManus doesn’t waste your time on the whiteboard. Any coach can diagram plays.

    But can they teach it?

    Using on-the-field player demonstrations, each drill is explained and covered in a way that is both easy to understand and apply. The entire video is Coach McManus running drills on the practice field.

    Hear the buzzwords. Watch the corrections. Learn all the little tips and tricks to make your O-Line Dominating and Destructive.

    – Gain proven techniques and insights
    – Learn essential drills and techniques for run and pass
    – Get precise techniques fine tuning and creating productive offensive linemen.

    Whether you’re coaching youth players or even a collegiate team, you’ll find something in this video to help your run and pass blocking.