Coach: Alex Rotsko

Offensive Line: Drills & Techniques - Alex Rotsko


1. Introduction
2. Flop or Not Flop
3. Shoulder Blocking
4. Line Calls
5. Camps
6. Pre Game
7. Weekend _ Lifting
8. Wing T Line Splits
9. Alignment
10. Drive Block Progression
11. Wing T Line Drills
12. Bird Dogs
13. Trap Pull Steps
14. Sweep Drill
15. Waggle Boot Drill
16. Fold Drill
17. Trap Drill
18. Reach One Man
19. Double Team Drill
20. Pass Protection Drill
21. Game Film Quick Pitch Play
22. Game Film LT Brown Brown
23. Game Film Buck Sweep
24. Game Film Trap
25. Game Film Guard Trap Criss Cross
26. Game Film Gold Jet
27. Game Film Even Front
28. Game Film Rocket
29. Game Film Odd Front
30. Q&A You play against a lot of spread teams
31. Q&A When you run the full buck trap wjet motion does it change QB

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