Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Offensive Game Planning Made Easy in the Spread Offense


Coach: Jason Mcmanus


Coach McManus goes into great detail on how he created his gameplans for the MacAttack offense, scoring over 700 points in a season! He amassed 6,702 total yards - 3,639 rushing and 3,063 passing. HOW TO SCOUT AND GAME PLAN FOR AN OPPONENT --> Find the 1on1 matchups. Find their weaknesses. How will you pick up their blitzes? --> How to decide which plays go where in the script? Do you have a 2nd half script? --> Which plays go in your Down & Distance boxes? How do you decide what plays are 2nd and short, 3rd and Long, and Red Zone? --> How do you pass protect and make sure best players get the ball? Man Beaters? Zone Beaters? --> Which plays DON'T go in the game plan? How do you eliminate plays? COACHING STAFF --> Are you self-scouting yourself and breaking your own tendencies? --> How does your staff cutup film on HUDL? HOW TO MAKE YOUR GAME DAY CALL SHEET: Coach McManus explains every box on both the front and back of his call sheet, WHICH YOU CAN DOWNLOAD and have in front of you as he explains it! DOWNLOADS: Downloadable, editable Excel sheet of Coach McManus game day call sheet he uses during the game Downloadable, editable Excel sheet of what the coaches use in the pressbox to keep track of what McManus has called Downloadable, editable Excel sheet of Coach McManus Depth Chart

1. How to Script Your Plays First and Second Half
2. Identify Problems and How to Attack Their Weaknesses
3. Making Your Cutups and What Columns to Use in HUDL
4. Self Scouting Your Own Offense and Creating Your Base Plan
5. Analyzing How Attack Defenses with Your Passing Game
6. Practice Efficiency and Selecting Plays for Down & Distance
7. Creating Your Orange and Red Zone Packages. Also Goal Line Plays
8. Trick Plays and 4-min Offense
9 a) Scrips for Each Half
9 b) Organizing Your Run Plays
9 c) Organizing Your Pass Plays
9 d) Trick and Special Plays
9 e) Organizing Your Down and Distance Plays
9 f) Organizing Red Zone and Goal Line Plays
9 g) Game Day Notes and How to Make Sure Your Best Players Touch the Ball


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