O-Line Fundamentals – Ron Boyd

Coach: Ron Boyd

O-Line Fundamentals - Ron Boyd


Clinic Triple Option Clinic
Coach Ron Boyd

Cutups from Div 1-AA Citadel practices.

Do you love watching practice film or listening to a coach talk off a PowerPoint?

Well this course is lots and lots of practice film.

Cutups from Div 1-AA Citadel practices.

And after Boyd shows you the practice cutup...he takes you to game film to show how that drill is used in the game

1. Introduction
2. Stance and alignment
3. Power step
4. T-board step and hand bounce veer
5. Break glass & scoop step
6. Q&A - Do you teach the same break glass with guards pulling on traps
7. Q&A - Angle of departure for the backside scoop block
8. Q&A - What's the first step aiming point for the backside zone cutoff
9. Game Film - Hand bounce veer
10. Q&A - Do you have an issue with the heads going down on hand bounce veer
11. Drive block
12. Drive block drill - working on the sweet spot
13. Drive block drill - Working on the hips
14. Drive block drill - 2 step punch
15. Drive block drill - Drive phase
16. Game Film - Drive Block
17. Game Film - Drive Block (Continuation)
18. Q&A - Why do you teach knees-in
19. Combo Blocks
20. Q&A - What are your favorite drills that do not involve the chute
21. Game Film - Combo Blocks (Part 1)
22. Game Film - Combo Blocks (Part 2)
23. Game Film - Combo Blocks (Part 3)
24. Ace Fundamentals
25. Game Film - Ace Examples
26. Why we close the gap on 3 and get vertical on 4
27. Q&A - Do fundamentals change when we go to pistol
28. Q&A - Describe your player profile for center, guard, and tackle

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