Midline Triple Option – Kevin Chism

Coach: Kevin Chism

Midline Triple Option - Kevin Chism


Clinic Triple Option Clinic
Coach Kevin Chism

Learn Midline-Triple Option the Harding Way

Harding head coach Kenny Wheaton is considered the inventor of the midline at the high school level.

Find out why the MID-TRIPLE is the bread & butter of any option attack It is adaptable to Wing T, and can easily ran out of Pistol, Shotgun

the MID-TRIPLE is a double option that in its simplest form reads the B-gap defender. But Chism will show you several ways to execute the play.

Coach Kevin Chism will .....show you how to run it successfully and why

Do you run Midline at the OPEN A-GAP?
This forces the B-gap defender tackle the dive, opening up a bigger running lane for the QB when he pulls/disengages from the B back.
Do you run it at the OPEN B-GAP?
Some coaches run midline at the 1-tech or open B gap to create advantages in blocking scheme.
Either way, Chism will show you the nuts and bolts to make MID-TRIPLE more efficient for your option offense.

Backfield Mesh & Important Coaching Points for the FB
Four Reads the QB will see...including how to attack a slow-playing pitch defender
Coach Chism will show you how to look at numbers so you always run it the direction where you have more blockers.

Run it at an ODD Front
Run it at 1-tech,
headup 2-tech,
and 3-tech
3 ways to run Mid Triple vs. a 4-3 Defense

1. Introduction
2. Inside Veer vs Midline Triple
3. Blocking Rules
4. Practice Clip - Pitch Path Option Drill
5. Q&A - Do you want the quarterback to attack down the line?
6. Game Film - False Motion
7. Practice Clip vs Shade NG and 5-tech End
8. Practice Clip vs a 3-Tech
9. Game Film: Follow Base Rules
10. Game Film vs 2i
11. Game Film - Reading The 5-Tech
12. Game Film: Tackle Outside Release TAG
13. Q&A - How do I determine a nose guard from the 2i?
14. Blocking Rules vs a 4-3 Front
15. Game Film vs a 4-3 By Rule
16. Game Film vs a 4-3 with Tackle Outside Release TAG
17. Game Film Tackle & Wing Cross Block TAG
18. Practice Clip: 4-Tech Steps Out
19. Q&A - How do you coach a playside tackle handling a pinching 4-Tech?
20. Practice Clip: 4-Tech Pinches
21. Game Film: Everyone Base Blocks
22. Game Film vs an Odd Front By TAG
23. Game Film: Wing/Tackle Cross Block
24. Q&A - What percent of the time are you calling mid triple?
25. Q&A - Do we go backside on midline?
26. Q&A - Are fullbacks staying on the playside?
27. Q&A - Do you tell A-Back to dip & stretch or find the best path?
28. Questions and Answers

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