Jason Mcmanus

Middle School OL Drills


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Matthew Love, coach McManus’s Offensive Line coach and running game coordinator at Spartanburg High School, goes into detail on establishing early training with his school system’s middle-school offensive linemen, instilling the fundamentals that they will need when they enter the Spartanburg High School offense.

3-point stance and literally breaking it down one step at a time, going into detail on the Zero Step, the Angle Step, Slide Kick, Power Step. Along the way, he shows board training technique, run fits, half-man fits, mirror drill, and more!

1. The 3-Point Stance
2. The 3-Point Stance (side view)
3. The Zero Step
4. The Angle Step
5. Board Work on the Zero Step
6. Board Work on the Angle Step
7. Run Fits
8. Full Drill
9. Half-Man Fit
10. The Baseball Drill
11. The Kick Slide and Power Step
12. The Mirror Drill

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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