Coach: Kelley Lee

Marry Run Game with Play Action


You have to package Play Action with your run game…..

These are HOMERUN balls !!!

You have to package Play Action with your run game.....

These are HOMERUN balls !!!

1. Verticals with backside skinny is married to Veer run. Could be to Tight End side or to the weakside
2. Slot Option is play action off midline or Guard Trap
3. Post Wheel Swing married to Rocket, Jet, Speed Option
4. Bootleg comes off Rocket Toss
5. Flood/Smash is play action off Belly from unbalanced formations
6. Backside Flat is the MONEY play. This is ran off any run play

1. Introduction
2. Ground Strike Play Action Concepts
3. Marriages
4. Ground Strike Pass Protection
5. Triple Option Load Scheme Game Film
6. 2 Verts BS Skinny
7. 2 Verts BS Skinny Game Film
8. 2 Verts BS Skinny vs Split TE SIDE Game Film
9. 2 Verts Flex-stretch Formation Game Film
10. 2 Verts vs 5-2 Flex Game Film
11. Comeback Tag vs 4-3
12. Slot Option
13. Slot Option Game Film
14. Slot Option vs 2 High
15. Sail Concept
16. Post, Wheel, Swing
17. Over-post, Wheel, Swing
18. Crack & Go, Wheel, Swing
19. Crack & Go, Wheel, Swing Gamefilm
20. Curl, Wheel, Swing
21. Curl, Wheel, Swing Part 2
22. Boot off Quick Pitch
23. Comeback Tag vs 4-3 Game Film
24. Boot off Quick Pitch Part 2
25. Conclusion

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