Coach: Russ Martin

Man Beater Pass Concepts


Coach : Russ Martin (ExpTEOffense)

College wide receiver coach Jordan Dodge talks about: Teach WR & QB to identify man coverages Hi-Lo Man Beaters Quick Game Vertical Concept Crossing routes Rub Routes Mesh Sprint Out Match Up Man Beaters

1. What's In This Course
2. Teach Your Kids to Identify Man Coverage
3. Hi Low Man Beaters
4. GAME FILM Dig-Under Concept out of Trips
5. GAME FILM Dig Under with 2 Tight Ends
6. GAME FILM: Dig Under Concept with Slot Receivers out of Trips
7. GAME FILM: Dig Under from opposite sides
8. Quick Game as Man Beater
9. Quick Game Vertical
10. Quick Game Curl Corner Choice
11. Quick Smash Concept out of Twins
12. Quick Fade Out
13. Smash Concept out of Trips
14. Vertical & Crosser Man Beaters
15. Tag any WR for Vertical
16. TE Crosser out of Trips
17. Opposite Crosser out of Trips
18. Switch Release out of Trips
19. Rub Routes
20. Rub Routes Trips Closed
21. Rub Routes Trips Open
22. Match Up Man Beaters
23. Matchup Deep Out
24. Smash out 2 TE
25. Hitch Post from 20 Personnel
26. Fade Post Out from Trips
27. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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