Key Breakers to Keep Defense Honest


Key Breakers to Keep Defense Honest

Finding success in any offense is the goal of any coach. However, without understanding how a defense will adjust, your success can becoming a fleeting exercise. Coach Herron begins his talk about how he has ingrained a number of his “key breakers” in order to maintain success with the offense over time.

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    When a coach decides to run the wing-t defenses will begin to key the guards. Coach Herron starts is lecture on taking advantage to this idea by running key “tags” on his core plays.


    Belly with Formation Tags

    Power with Guards away

    No Motion Belly with WHAM blocking

    Buck Trap & GUT tags

    Waggle Pass with a guards crossing

    Dive Back Keybreaker Plays

    Counter XX

    Shuffle Pass


    Counter Iso (Using Motion to hurt your opponent)

    Variations of Option

    How to use extended motion to hurt your opponent

    And Much More

    Coach Herron finishes his talk with an extended discussion on key tips and guides for playcallers in the wing-t.

    If you are running this offense OR if you are planning on running the wing-t, this talk is a MUST WATCH!