Coach: Tommy Gilleran

Jet Sweep Game in the Wing T - Tommy Gilleran


Transitioning from Spread to Double Wing

1. Introduction
2. Why We Run The Speed Sweep_
3. Formations
4. Perimeter Blocking vs Even Front
5. Interior Blocking vs Even Front
6. Blocking Scheme To Tight End-Even Front
7. Blocking Scheme To Wide Receiver-Odd Front
8. Blocking Scheme To Tight End-Odd Front
9. Practice Tips
10. Game Film to TE/Wing vs Odd Front
11. Game Film To Split End Side
12. Game Film Split End Side vs 33 Stack
13. Game Film Split End Side vs Shaded Even Front
14. Game Film Split End Side vs 34 Front
15. Game Film Split End Side Bad Blocking
16. Q&A Did you mixed split with plays
17. Q&A An a gap for handoff or just hand it off for 1 yard
18. Q&A Do you run this in the Gun too
19. Q&A Do you run a fold trap or anything behind the jet

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