Coach: Pat Murphy

Jet Sweep from Shotgun Wing T


Jet Sweep by the coach who put Shotgun Wing T on the map in the 90’s

Six State championship game appearances.

Four state championships

Jet Sweep by the coach who put Shotgun Wing T on the map in the 90's

Six State championship game appearances.

Four state championships

The Jet (or Fly) Sweep has made its way into EVERY offensive attack. WHY?

Gets the ball into a playmaker's hands. Another option for a great WR
Can run it quick side or TE/Wing side.
Good sweep play to a 2-man surface.
Great against blitz.
Run the JeT to the Strong side to protect against quickside blitzes
Gets the Defense Running. Make them run sideline to sideline
Protects your bucksweep when defenses overload the TE/Wing side or slant strong.
The 4-time state champion takes you thru the Jet Sweep from both under center and the Gun...with game film of both to show you advantages and disadvantages.

Running it from the Gun is slower and harder to time up to get the ball into the playside A gap


Motion by faster WR types do not show tendencies because defenses expect motion from the Gun
An easy transition because the Oline technique is the same.
The complimentary plays are better from the gun, especially Play Action.
Gives you an empty set run play
Gives you a 3 x 1 set run play
Game Plan the JeT and run it to the slowest DE. Run it to the worst Force Defender.

1. Introduction
2. Jet Sweep from the Gun
3. Jet Sweep Under Center
4. Game Film Jet Sweep Under Center
5. Jet Sweep from the Gun
6. Advantages Disadvantages
7. Quick Tackle Tight End Sprint Block
8. Game Film O-Line Sprint Blocking Technique
9. Game Film of Gun Jet Sweep
10. Pull the Quick Guard to Lead Block
11. Who Is Responsible for the Playside Linebacker and the Alley Defender
12. J Step by Half Back Lead Blocker
13. Game Film of the Lead Blocker
14. Push Pass to the Sweeper
15. Push Pass by QB
16. Game Film of the Push Pass
17. Why Do You Prefer the Push Pass?
18. Game Film of the Sweeper
19. Game Film Glide Step by Sweeper
20. Game Film Complimentary Plays off Jet
21. Do You Ever Fake Jet Sweep and Run QB Buck
22. Walk UP
23. Drills to Install Jet
24. Conclusion

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