Coach: Hancel Phipps

Jet & Rocket Sweep from Pistol - Hancel Phipps


1. Introduction
2. Loose Jet
3. Game Film Fly Red Formation
4. Game Film Jet to the unbalanced _ Loose Jet
5. Game Film Guard Trap Jet
6. Game Film Belly _ HB Toss
7. Game Film Jet BS
8. Game Film Jet
9. Game Film Unbalanced
10. Game Film Shuffle Pass
11. Game Film Fly Pop
12. Game Film Loose Jet Slash
13. Loose Jet Out _ Loose Jet Wheel
14. Game Film Jet Out
15. Game Film Jet Wheel
16. O Red Rocket
17. Game Film Red Laser
18. Game Film O Red Rocket
19. Game Film O Red Rocket SE Fly
20. Game Film Guard Trap Rocket _ Blue Laser
21. Q&A Adjusting the offense to meet your players
22. Q&A Do you think you missed mix pistol with gun
23. Q&A Do you run RPO
24. Q&A Do you run triple option

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