Coach: Kelley Lee

Course 2: Inside Veer Triple Option


Learn Triple Option from a College Coach

1st Video of a 3-part Video Series

Learn Triple Option from a College Coach

1st Video of a 3-part Video Series

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The GROUND STRIKE triple option offense is....

A Flexbone team that throws the ball
Is ran Under Center, from the Gun. and out of Pistol
Has some of WingT elements
Want ALL 26 courses in the Ground Strike Offense?

This Video covers the BASICS of the Inside Veer

adaptable to Wing T, Run it out of Pistol, Shotgun
Backfield Mesh & Important Coaching Points for the FB
Four Reads the QB will see...including how to attack a slow-playing pitch defender
Coach Lee will show you how to look at numbers so you always run it the direction where you have more blocker.

Run it at 1-tech,
headup 2-tech,
and 3-tech
The Ground Strike Inside Veer can be ran....

out of balanced set
out of unbalanced sets (Tackle, X, or Y Over)
with a Tight End
without a Tight End
YoYo Motion
No Motion
Load Blocking scheme by the wing
Tags to change player assignments

1. Introduction
2. How to Call The Triple Option
3. Blocking Inside Veer Vs. Even
4. Blocking Inside Veer Vs. 3-Tech
5. Inside Veer Blocking, Head Up on the Guards
6. Inside Veer Blocking Vs. An Odd Front
7. Important Points of Coaching the Inside Veer
8. Triple QB-FB Mesh
9. Triple QB-FB Mesh
10. Four QB Reads on Triple Option
11. Game Film Inside Veer
12. Attack Slow Playing Pitch Defender
13. Game Film Inside Veer - To a Tight Inside
14. Inside Veer Out of Flex Formation
15. Game Film Flex Inside Veer vs Shaded Even Front
16. Game Film Flex Inside vs Double 2- Tech
17. Inside Veer Load Scheme Out of Over Set
18. Game Film Unbalanced Inside Veer vs X Stunt
19. Game Film Inside Veer out of Unbalanced
20. Game Film Inside Veer Out of Wishbone
21. Inside Veer With A Yoyo Tag
22. Game Film Inside Veer With a Yoyo Tag
23. Inside Veer with Lead Insert Tag
24. Game Film Inside Veer - Without The Pitch
25. Conclusion

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Course 2: Inside Veer Triple Option

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