Coach: Kelley Lee

Inside Veer Triple Option


Learn Triple Option from a College Coach

1st Video of a 3-part Video Series

Learn Triple Option from a College Coach 1st Video of a 3-part Video Series Click Here to Get 8 Courses on Option Football The GROUND STRIKE triple option offense is....

  • A Flexbone team that throws the ball
  • Is ran Under Center, from the Gun. and out of Pistol
  • Has some of WingT elements

This Video covers the BASICS of the Inside Veer

  • adaptable to Wing T, Run it out of Pistol, Shotgun
  • Backfield Mesh & Important Coaching Points for the FB
  • Four Reads the QB will see...including how to attack a slow-playing pitch defender

Coach Lee will show you how to look at numbers so you always run it the direction where you have more blocker.

  • Run it at 1-tech,
  • headup 2-tech,
  • and 3-tech

The Ground Strike Inside Veer can be ran....

  • out of balanced set
  • out of unbalanced sets (Tackle, X, or Y Over)
  • with a Tight End
  • without a Tight End
  • YoYo Motion
  • No Motion
  • Load Blocking scheme by the wing
  • Tags to change player assignments

1. Introduction
2. How to Call The Triple Option
3. Blocking Inside Veer Vs. Even
4. Blocking Inside Veer Vs. 3-Tech
5. Inside Veer Blocking, Head Up on the Guards
6. Inside Veer Blocking Vs. An Odd Front
7. Important Points of Coaching the Inside Veer
8. Triple QB-FB Mesh
9. Triple QB-FB Mesh
10. Four QB Reads on Triple Option
11. Game Film Inside Veer
12. Attack Slow Playing Pitch Defender
13. Game Film Inside Veer - To a Tight Inside
14. Inside Veer Out of Flex Formation
15. Game Film Flex Inside Veer vs Shaded Even Front
16. Game Film Flex Inside vs Double 2- Tech
17. Inside Veer Load Scheme Out of Over Set
18. Game Film Unbalanced Inside Veer vs X Stunt
19. Game Film Inside Veer out of Unbalanced
20. Game Film Inside Veer Out of Wishbone
21. Inside Veer With A Yoyo Tag
22. Game Film Inside Veer With a Yoyo Tag
23. Inside Veer with Lead Insert Tag
24. Game Film Inside Veer - Without The Pitch
25. Conclusion

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