Coach: Jeff Steinberg

QB Academy: How to Identify Fronts


Coach: Jeff Steinberg

In this course Coach Steinberg presents how he teaches his quarterbacks to understand Defensive Fronts. He teaches his quarterbacks to understand the various core structures and how they identify the fronts that can be played within those cores. In his Off Season Quarterback Academy he shows how this is taught and how the quarterbacks are tested on their knowledge. This is all done with the goal of a quarterback understanding how the run game in your offense would be able to attack the various defensive fronts.

1. Introduction
2. D-Line Shades
3. Defensive Cores
4. Communicating Front
5. Game Day Examples of Odd Cores
6. Game Day Examples of Even Cores
7. Game Film: Even Core
8. Game Film: Odd Core
9. Questions and Answers

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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